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.: Impossibly Crazy :. by ChampieB
.: Impossibly Crazy :.

.: Impossibly Crazy :.

« Ceux qui pensent que c'est impossible, sont priés de ne pas déranger ceux qui essaient. »
« Thoses who think that it's impossible, are pleased to not disturb thoses who are trying. »

Long time no see guys ... Missed a bit deviantart, but it was great to be far from it too, I admit. 
Thank you for the few persons who wished me a happy birthday, it's really nice :)
I don't even know if you remember me :giggle:  I did a 'come-back' so many times, to finally run away again and again.. Anyway. I don't know if I'll be back in the end. My new stable is getting me busy; fortunately ! Great job, very good horses and a great future there ! I'll got a few young horses to show off in this new season !! :happybounce:
Difficulties are still there, in my head, but I strongly hope to be able to move forward.. Now that I'm kinda seeing the light after the tunnel, I'll tried to come back, even if it'll not be regular and such, but I promise to try out seriously.. and start to draw again ! I'm starting a new piece of art, I don't know when and how I'll finish it, but at least I'm trying, just so you know !! But I just wanted to share with you this pic' ... 'cause I'm so proud of Stella !! ;)

This pic' came out from our last Indoor SJ show at Dreux ! 3 Days event. And one of the most awesome I ever came out with Stella even if we didn't really won anything .. ♥
 I decided to try out another bitless thing as Stella dislike the hackamors now. So. Just a german noseband with reins. Yup. That's it.
We tried this at Dreux... Stella was just amazing ! So quiet and jumping so well... The second day was a Profesional 130 cm class. Can you imagine how all these profesional riders was watching Stella and me ? It was.. so intense that I nearly decided to give up before start the warm up... Really, it was hard to see all these riders watching me like "Really girl ? You're in the wrong arena ! You're ridiculously stupid !"... Like, really, really hard to support their look... Luckily the rider of my stable (which I was grooming, but I'm also allowed to compete, and he coach me !) finally came. He's well known around the regular pro riders, and also well known as a 'don't ever mess with me' haha. When everyone knew I was his student, they suddlenty watched me in an other way, more gentle and amused lol. And finally, some was impressed, which I'm really proud of. We did an amazing clear round. Yup. Stella gave everything and it was so great !! She was definitely PERFECT !! Better ? Yup, there was only 25 clear rounds.. And we finished 21/95 !! Our ever best performance in the Profesional Riders Class ! 130 cm ... I'll never thank enough Stella for being so amazing.. ♥
Definitely the one where I got the best sensations and felt so good with my mare... I'll never thank her enough for being so amazing :)
At this time, some great pro riders saw that there's not only bits, spurs, whips, tight nosebands, or whatever, to get to a great level with a horse, and do it well. I'm really proud that Stella show them that a horse can be ridden a bit differently, and respectfully, and do things rights and beautifully. At first they all were sceptics and mean in their eyes... But at the end, they were impressed and surprised about it. They were saying that I'm crazy, but in a good way at the end.
Don't disturb thoses who are trying what you think is impossible ;)

YES riding a horse BITLESS and with NO CONTRAINTS and jumping VERY WELL with CONTROL is definitely POSSIBLE even in profesional surrounds ! ... And I'll suggest everyone to go see Alycia Burton for example, she's one of the best examples ever I think, and maybe you all know a few other persons able to do this !

That don't mean I'm bit-hater lol, not at all ! Bits are great too, as long as they're well used. It's the same for all bitless thingies. Some horses are better and comfortable with bits. Some will be better and more comfortable without. You just need to figure out what's the best for both of you. But. I still and will always think that riding bitless (not talking of hackamors) correctly is a 'plus'. It's letting the horse get a responsability and a choice. The choice to accept you and your requests... And the choice to not accept them of course ! It's a kind of "codification", "language", you'll instaure with the horse, which will be completely unique. You'll not be the main decision maker.  I do think it's important to allow them to realise this. It's a partner, after all, shouldn't he got a word to say ?... I do think, every horse should, at least one time, feel this. Feel they're alive and have emotions. Feel that they're not only there to answer mechanically like a machine...
... Feel that someone trust them enough, to give them the choice of being a partner . ♥ .

|| Photo © 'Agence Ecary' ||


Champie . ~
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hi ! :)

I got a nice design somewhere in my folders that I bought a few time ago and want to get on for my new stable. And I'd love ths horse to get a small bloodline; either both parents, or just dam, or just sire... if possible of course :)
So I am searching for a Mare and/or Stallion or Gelding that might have been gelded after the breeding, why not ! The horse will be 7 yrs old :
:bulletblue: Hanoverian (or other Warmblood type, but preferably Hano'), or Selle Français, or Anglo Arabian, or Arabian.
:bulletblue: Flaxen gen carrier the design is a Flaxen Chestnut
:bulletblue: Any color that could give a Flaxen Chesntut. Bay with flaxen gen, Chestnut with flaxen gen, Flaxen Chestnut..
:bulletblue: Can pay in Points & Art !

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It is. I love this country. Africa is so wonderful :)
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